Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Day 41- Hiding from the storm

It's such a horrible day out there. All wind and howling, and the thunder at 10am freaked me out because it was so loud I thought it was inside the house!

I'm still in Liverpool. It's been good to spend time at home even if I do find it stressful. I spoke to my Mum about Lighterlife today and got a really strange reaction. She was completely disinterested, made a couple of comments about the cost, then left the room. Hmm.

Just to give you a bit of history here... my Mum used to be slim. I've seen the teenage photos to prove it. Around the time she had me, she'd put on weight. Steadily she's become bigger and bigger as the years have passed and has been on one diet or another ever since I can remember. My stepfather is also very large and is on and off diets too. Normally we'd speak about it in a general way- my Mum and I have been on pretty much every diet going but she's more of a constant dieter than me and is usually on weightwatchers or slimming world.

I wasn't sure what to make of her reaction. She's doing some random combination of low carb slimming world with a Herbal Life shake for breakfast. I'm not sure mixing and matching is a good idea but far be it for me to criticise.

I've also been trying to convince them to come to Sheffield over Christmas or New Year so I can cook for them. I've never actually cooked dinner for my family due to my Mum's insistence that the world will end if this happens. Seriously- she acts like she's allergic to my cooking even though she's never tried it. Argh, parents.

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