Friday, 10 October 2014

Day 30- Pain and Hormones

Today marks 30% of the 100 days done and dusted. I'm pretty pleased with that and proud of myself for sticking with it. Aside from the general smugness, I am mostly feeling sore and in pain. Yesterday's boxing and resistance training which was so much fun then, is not having a fun effect on my muscles. I can barely move today and the act of sitting down or standing up really hurts. It doesn't help that I'm due to start my period soon (sorry if that's too much info!) and so I've spent the day resting while crying at stupid films and feeling like I need to eat all seven of my toffee bar food packs. It's weird wanting to binge on food packs!

I managed to cook for the mister without too much trouble although sniffing the basil plant nearly sent me over the edge and rushing out to buy cheese and walnuts to eat with it. I've noticed on this diet that my sense of smell has become extremely heightened. As an example, we can walk around the restaurants area in our local shopping centre and I can smell the food cooking in the kitchens and make judgements about where is cooking fresh food and where is using processed rubbish. It's a lot of fun actually! (Or is that just really sad?!) I'm getting a lot of enjoyment out of sniffing food at the moment, especially fresh food. Processed food just doesn't smell very good.

I'm definitely hormonal and I've eaten 2 of my once-a-day bars today. I have to say though, I spaced them out and it was a decision rather than a lack of self-control. I don't mind making minor allowances when I'm feeling a bit crap, and the bars help with that.

My husband has promised me a massage tonight which I'm hoping will help with all the muscle pain. He's a mortgage advisor by day and my personal, somewhat gifted, masseuse by night! He can usually deal with any aches or pains I get (I'm a lucky girl). Tomorrow may turn into a very lazy day as we both have it off and no plans. There was a vague plan to go the gym together but I'm going to judge that tomorrow and see whether it's still painful to move!

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