Friday, 24 October 2014

Day 44- And here comes the pain

If you're a regular reader you will know that every Thursday I write about how much I love my personal training sessions, and every Friday I whinge about how much pain I am in. Oh my God. My chest feels like it's been hit with a hammer and my muscles have locked up. I can't lift anything because my arms refuse. My lower back and neck are also on strike.

On the plus side, my body is changing. I've previously lost about 2 stone before and gotten down to about 15 stone 4 pounds. At that weight I generally notice my body gets curvier and my thighs get thinner. I'm very lucky in that I have some pretty nice curves and I'm suspicious there's going to be a lovely hourglass figure under all the fat, if the curves that suddenly appear are anything to go by. I'm currently 15 stone 11 and I'm noticing those familiar changes but there's something else too. I have muscles! My upper arms are harder. This is very new, as when I've lost weight before, I've been to the gym but I've never done boxing and resistance training before. I spent a good few minutes poking them this morning, resulting in more pain, and am currently quite impressed.

I'm very interested in how sport and different activities change how your body looks. My main focus is on losing fat and toning areas so my body looks half decent and not saggy afterwards but I do like the idea that you can change the shape of your body. For example, yoga and pilates lengthen your muscles so you can appear leaner whereas tennis players have thick thighs from the power needed to dash around a court. No prizes for guessing which body type I'd prefer!

I had a chat with my personal trainer yesterday, which I forgot to mention, about running. He wanted me to do that awful thing where I have to run to the side of the gym, run back and punch the punch bag a number of times before repeating. I told him I wasn't going to run during our training sessions again. We were forced to run at school and I always hated it. I genuinely blame school for my dislike of exercise and sports. Now I'm older, I know that I do like jogging and would like to build my fitness so I can do more of it, but it needs to be done my own way and not because someone else is making me. I don't want being made to do it during training affecting my enjoyment of it on the treadmill, even if it is psychological and irrational. Obviously, my trainer was completely supportive of this, and I think I managed to exercise some demons at the same time.

Today has mostly been about reflection and relaxation. I am in the process of packing as we move next week, so I've been removing clothes from my wardrobes for recycling. I'm pleased to say I'm being quite harsh about it. Anything that is too big is gone. Anything that is too small that I won't ever wear is also gone. Go me!

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