Friday, 3 October 2014

Day 23- Eye of the Tiger

Well, aside from being a bit tired and snotty, I think I'm fighting off this cold. Getting so many vitamins and minerals in my system must be boosting my immune system.

I had my first personal training session today and I'm so glad I've booked them. The guy is lovely and very encouraging. He took my measurements to keep track of things, and I'm aware the scales may start to slow as I'm going to be trying to tone and build muscle now. We took it easy for the first session and I found it at a good level for my (non) fitness. I've never done resistance training before so all of the things we did were completely new to me. Apparently I have good technique but my muscles seem to have abdicated all responsibility! When I started to feel tired and aching I focused on how I want to look when all of this is over. I know I need to do my best to tone my body so that it can look as good as possible after losing so much weight in such a short period of time.

After the gym it was shopping time! I bought myself some Clarins eye make up as my reward for sticking to the plan for another week. I'm loving rewarding myself with beauty products that make me feel good about myself, and my old Clinique palette was running out. These brown/bronze kind of shades are perfect for my colouring as well as looking great for Autumn. I'm looking forward to experimenting with these.

The Mister and I agreed that I could have a Pandora charm to represent each stone lost which I really like the idea of. At the last minute I decided that rather than getting various charms for the charm bracelet I have, I want to make a new one to symbolise my weight loss journey. I've decided to make it an ice blue and silver charm bracelet to remind me of the winter period that my Lighterlife journey is taking me through. I am the kind of period who enjoys symbolism and finds it motivating and inspirational. My charms will not be Christmas type ones, but snowflakes and ice type ones with a blue topaz colour. My first charm I chose is a dangly charm with a blue topaz sparkly centre. I'm going to get one for each stone I lose and then finish it off when I get to goal. The colour of blue ice symbolises logic and reason, which is what I'm using to get me through each day.

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