Thursday, 16 October 2014

Day 36- 5th Weigh In

I've had a great day. After realising the Mister had today off work, we spent a leisurely morning in bed which was really nice. Due to both of us working shifts, we only get one, maybe two days off a week together, and it's never enough time. I did a good impersonation of the perfect wife and got up to cook him a sausage sandwich for breakfast, which he was very grateful for, and made up a packed lunch for him for later.

We got to the gym for 11.30am and I had my personal training session while he drank coffee in the café. I was a bit pathetic during my session. I think the lack of sleep and not eating all of the food packs have impacted on my fitness. Or I could just be really unfit. It's probably both!

We did more boxing and my trainer approved of the gloves. I really enjoy boxing, it makes it seem like fun rather than exercise although I spent most of it out of breath and feeling like my muscles were abdicating all responsibility for any kind of stamina. I did it though and felt good afterwards.

After that, I watched the Mister do some rock-climbing and faff in the gym. I wasn't in the mood for climbing so I went for a swim and then we spent some time in the spa pool and in the sauna.

Then I went to my Lighterlife group. I was anxious about my weight loss as last week I'd only lost 2 pounds. My pattern seems to be that I have a big loss, then a small loss, then a big loss again and I'd kept my fingers crossed. My scales at home were indicating about 4 pounds so when the Lighterlife scales registered a 6 pound loss I was more than happy. That's 26 pounds in 5 weeks and means next week I should hit the 2 stone mark. Hurrah!

The group was interesting tonight. There were quite a few people there although I'm not keen on the mix. The people doing Total like me didn't stay to group and the other people there are either in Management or on Lite. It was still a group of lovely people but I do wish there were groups of people just doing Total who were in a similar position to me.

We looked at the Johari window in class. I'm not a fan of this exercise as I don't find it particularly useful. It's basically 4 headings and it makes you think about what is known about you to everyone, what are your secrets that nobody knows, what is known to others but not you and what is unknown. My husband had come up with some good insights into me which I was kind of aware of, for example, I prioritise other people's experience of food over my own so I'm more likely to feed myself crap whereas I will cook good healthy food if I'm feeding others.

There was quite a sad moment in class tonight. The counsellor was saying that everybody had secrets, things you were too embarrassed about or ashamed about to share with anyone else, and myself and another woman disagreed with this because we both tell our husbands everything. I've done things in the past that I'm not proud of, but a long time ago I realised that my biggest destructive pattern when it came to food was being secretive so I make a real effort to tell my husband when I do things I'm not proud of. I felt quite sad that there were only 2 of us the group who felt we could tell everything to at least one person. And very lucky that I have my wonderful husband.

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