Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Day 48- Ed Sheeran Concert

We went to see Ed Sheeran at Manchester Arena tonight. He was fantastic and we had a blast. We'd bought VIP tickets to get better seats and as part of that got to sit in The View bar/restaurant. We were given free champagne and as I couldn't have it, I decided to "treat" myself with a couple of diet cokes. This is the first time I've ever really done anything like this in the past 48 days but I don't count it as breaking abstinence because although Lighterlife say citric acid can affect ketosis, there's really no evidence to suggest that, and you'd need a lot more than 2 diet cokes. I've never drunk much fizzy pop aside from when not drinking alcohol and out with friends so I didn't see the harm. The funny thing was, I downed 2 cokes as I was thirsty but they didn't quench my thirst and after 6 weeks of drinking water, the difference was really noticeable. The other thing was the bloating. It happened pretty much instantly and left me feeling quite uncomfortable. Some treat that was! Serves me right I suppose but it's a good reminder to stay away from the stuff even when it is allowed.

I bought a concert t-shirt in a size small while I was there. I can't even get it on over my shoulders at the minute and I keep feeling anxious that I should of got a medium as I'll never fit into a t-shirt that small. It's a scary thought to be honest. I know, given my 5 foot 2 frame, that a small should be a perfect fit, but it seems like a really long way away. If I'm being honest, it seems like being a completely different person and that's quite hard psychologically to get my head around.

Aside from the diet coke, I managed the trip to Manchester by using Lighterlife bars and didn't mind so much when my husband had mini burgers at The View. I took the opportunity to peruse the menu and decide which would be the best choices to make were I actually eating. This turned out to be a fun game!

I felt slimmer today. It was an odd feeling. After the bloat of the fizzy pop had died down, my jeans felt snug again and my t-shirt a perfect fit. I felt really good. I'd cut my hair before the concert in a fit of frustration at how long it has gotten, and just blunt cut it to below my shoulders. A good 4 inches or so got cut off and I was much happier, even if I did mess up the layers I tried to put in at the front. They're OK at the moment but will probably need a professional to tidy them up. I felt positive and in charge though, and that's a good feeling.

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