Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Day 34- Frosty

It was our staff away day which involves the whole staff team doing training together away from our place of work and everybody bringing something for a buffet lunch, then food and drinks out in the evening.

I was still nursing a grudge from yesterday with my colleague so wasn't particularly looking forward to it. She fussed over me today, clearly feeling the frostiness coming from me. At the end of the day I kind of put it down but I'm ready to hold my ground with her now. I'm not the only person who struggles with her attitude sometimes but there's a line I'm not prepared to let her cross with me.

I have to admit that I sulked for most of the day. I avoided lunchtime and a few people commented on my not eating, which I find really hard. I nursed a black coffee and just got on with it. I declined to go out after the training too and that increased my sulk because I felt like I was missing out.

I sulked at home too! But then I practiced my roast potatoes and got them spot on so that was quite satisfying.

I'm struggling with the Lighterlife packs at the moment. I'm just not interested in them, and because I'm firmly in ketosis, I'm just not hungry most of the time.

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