Saturday, 4 October 2014

Day 24- Om Nom Nom Nom

The cold that has been brewing over the past few days finally hit this morning and it took all my energy to move from the bed to the sofa. I'd used all the Kleenex in the space of an hour and failed miserably to summon the will to make a food pack due to the overwhelming snottiness of the situation. The only thing that cheered me up all morning were the scales which are very encouraging at the moment and I'm hoping for another good loss next week as I've lost another 2 pounds and there's 5 more days to go before weigh-in.

I finally made something to eat at about 1.30pm so decided to mix two spaghetti Bolognese packs together. I also added some Italian seasoning to liven it up a bit. It was DELICIOUS. Or maybe I've forgotten what real food tastes like! Now, I know technically we aren't supposed to add spices or seasoning to the food packs, however, it won't affect ketosis. I think the reason they say it isn't allowed is because there is the concern that if you start messing about with the packs, you'll be tempted to add things that will interfere with ketosis. It's a slippery slope I guess. From my point of view though, adding a bit of Italian seasoning to the spaghetti bolognese or cinnamon to the porridge is a far cry from eating all the doughnuts.

This evening I have mostly been feeling snotty and pathetic. I've been fantasising about comfort food such as thick white bread with lots of butter to dip into a stew or mounds of cheesy buttery pasta with garlic bread or... well, it's all about the carbs really. Sadly this is not currently an option and I will have to wait for a few months before I can have those things (in moderation) again. Instead, I'm having the non-food related comfort of a furry hot water bottle to cuddle and trying desperately to ignore the smell of fajitas as the mister cooks his dinner. I have to admit, this whole dealing with your emotions thing instead of numbing them out with food is a bit pants really. I've spent my whole life using food and to suddenly not have that option is really hard- I haven't developed any other coping strategies :-( And my god, would I kill for a decent cup of tea with milk in it. (My other coping strategy). Oh well, onwards towards X Factor and having a good old sing-song. 

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