Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Day 28- Rewards and Distractions

Today has mostly been about shopping. My feet got drowned yesterday on the way to work due to me wearing sneakers rather than anything sensible when it's raining so it was off to the shops to buy some boots. I adore shoe shopping. Most of my shoes are high heels that are fabulous but completely impractical. I got some boots that are fairly flat heeled so I can wear them to work and I was really pleased that they fit around my calf as that is usually an issue. I did stroke the pretty heels a few times but had satisfy myself with just the boots. I also got a few books as I think I need a distraction other than the TV. Today felt very much like a reward day which is what I usually do after I've completed each week but it was nice to go and spend a bit of money on myself.

I also did my homework from the last counselling session today, again as a bit of a distraction. This section of the booklet was about things you want to stop doing, do more of, start doing and then a section on making some personal goals based on what you've been thinking about. Mine were mostly about not sitting on the sofa anymore and making more of an effort to go to the gym. Some were about making an effort with my appearance and I'd like to sort my clothes out because honestly, my clothes are dreadful. Half of them don't fit properly or are really old, and I've not got a real sense of coordination because I don't plan outfits. So one of the things I'd like to do is plan some outfits for each size that I am at, and have them ready handing in the wardrobe so I can feel good about how I look.

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