Friday, 19 September 2014

Day 9- Managing

Today has been hard at times. I was on training and the trainer brought in a load of sweets and chocolates which I had to avert my eyes from. I've felt hungry for most of today which I think is a sign I'm not drinking enough water but honestly I might drown if I have anymore. I've really been craving proper food. Most of all I just want a proper cup of tea. Tea without milk or green tea or peppermint tea really just isn't the same. I miss my tea :-(

I've had a lot of support to get through the day though. My husband is awesome and always there for me with fetching water and giving me massages to distract me. Twitter has been a constant source of support today keeping me motivated and distracted from eating anything I shouldn't.

Tomorrow will bring a day of not doing very much so I'm planning on spending some time doing my LighterLife homework and working on my thoughts from the group session.

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