Saturday, 13 September 2014

Day 3- Blended, not stirred

So today I learned 3 things. Firstly, soups need to be blended because lumpy soup is foul but blended soup is quite nice. Secondly, when myself, the Mister and the cat fall asleep mid-afternoon for a few hours on the sofa, I wake up completely dehydrated, hungry and grumpy. Thirdly, I can dash into McDonalds to use their toilet without scoffing cheeseburgers- who knew!

I've been less energetic today but have survived the mister making sausage sandwiches for breakfast while I ate my porridge. I'd sprinkled, well not so much sprinkled as chucked, in some cinnamon which the internet reliably informs me is allowed, and the porridge was bordering on tasty. Not bad for astronaut food. I'm so relieved about the foodpacks. My worst nightmare was that they would be awful, and they really aren't.

I also popped out for some yarn and spent some time listening to the Miranda Hart audiobook and starting on a green scarf for myself. I'm planning on knitting some scarves for Christmas presents so thought some practice would be a good idea.

This morning I caught myself thinking bad thoughts and set myself straight, which I was quite proud of, as it's something I'm supposed to be looking at through the LighterLife books. I weighed myself and was pleased to see I'd gone down a few pounds but five minutes later my head said "it's not really a big deal as you shouldn't be at this weight to begin with". Now technically this is true, I should never have allowed myself to get so big but I have and now I'm doing something about it, and I feel proud of myself for that.  

I'm planning an early night, rock n roller that I am, because I have to be up at 6am tomorrow for work. On a Sunday! Shift work sucks. I've prepped what I'm taking with me though as I've realised I need certain packs for certain shifts so planning is essential. I get the feeling that I'm going to spend the next few months living off the porridge and spag bol foodpacks. I'm looking forward to trying the bars, you aren't allowed one in the first few days and after that you can only have one bar a day because they are higher in carbs by a few grams than the packs. Bars are so much more convenient though, I hope they taste ok.

Nearly 10pm, night all!

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