Thursday, 25 September 2014

Day 15- 2nd weigh in

The day started with being very cosy in bed this morning and me really umming and ahhing over whether or not to go to the gym. Remembering the commitment to sorting myself out, I did actually drag myself out of bed. I did a bit of cardio at the gym and then went to a yoga class.

I met the personal trainer who was lovely and we had a good chat about what I'm doing at the moment and what my goals are. I really think he can help me tone and shape up while I'm losing weight. He was asked me about how I would feel about building muscle which would have an effect on what it says on the scales and honestly I don't care. I know the weight will drop off with Lighterlife if I stick to it but it's really important to me that I tone up as it happens so I look better when I've finished losing weight. I've taken the plunge and committed to 4 months worth of personal training, an hour a week. We're going to do resistance training and some boxing type work to keep it fun. I'm actually looking forward to starting it next week though I'm sure it's going to hurt!

There were a few more people at the Lighterlife group tonight which was good. I was disappointed with my weight loss- only 2 pounds this week. I'm feeling OK about it though as I really feel I've made progress this week, getting back to the gym and committing to being more active in general. Not to mention squeezing into the next size down jeans. I know for next week I need to concentrate more on drinking everyday and spacing the foodpacks out better.

We didn't really do any of the counselling in this week's session, which was disappointing as I find it helpful but we did have a general group chat about adjusting to different self-images as you lose weight and we looked over some of the homework I'd done from last week. It was good to chat to more people and I'm going to continue with the next bit of the counselling in the book I have by myself at home.

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