Saturday, 20 September 2014

Day 10- 10% of Foundation complete!

With day 10 over and done with, that is 10% of Foundation complete, and it's these kinds of figures that has been on my mind today. Rather than doing my counselling homework, I've spent most of today idly thinking about how long this is going to take, what I'm going to look like in 90 more days, how much longer it will take after that etc.

One thing I've definitely learned from today is that having nothing to do with my day leads me down the path of thinking about other diets and whether it would be easier. It's a dangerous mind set for me because I've been here before, and it's way of coming off the plan, eating takeaway and not doing very much about my weight at all. Clearly I need to get myself down to the gym on days when I'm on my own and have nothing planned. In the end I made myself write down a list of reasons why I'm specifically on the LighterLife diet. The main reason is that I have been low-carbing for the last year on and off, and I'm still at the same weight due to giving up after a couple of months. I'm a big fan of low-carbing as it suits my body really well, and I fully intend to low-carb once I've lost the weight that I need to as I really don't need bread/sugar etc in my life.

The Mister has resupplied me with lots and lots of bottled water as I don't think I'm drinking enough and I know it can have an affect on weight loss. I've been hungry for the past couple of days and I'm pretty sure it's thirst related rather than genuine hunger. So it's bottoms up for me tomorrow.

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