Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Day 7- Easy does it

The end of my first week! Hurrah!

My virtuous plans for attending the gym today were completely dismissed and spending the day in bed pretty much took over. For the past week I've mostly felt a bit fragile and quite cold so I decided to just take it easy today. I spent most of the day in bed watching films and cuddling the cat, who was being extra cute and snuggly.

I did sign up for Twitter, partly to promote this blog and partly just for some company. I haven't told anyone (aside from the Mister) that I'm doing Lighterlife yet. I don't want to make a big deal out of it and I wasn't sure how I'd get along with the plan anyway to be honest. I still don't want to tell people because I'm not sure whether I'd feel supported by that or not. But it is a bit lonely, hence the social media. I had hoped that I'd meet people in my group who were in a similar situation to me and we could support each other but like I've mentioned in a previous post, my first group meeting only had one other in it and she'd finished the abstinence part of the plan after losing all the weight and was now on management so although she was lovely, we are too far apart in our journeys. I'm really hoping that tomorrow's meeting will have more people in it. I haven't heard from my counsellor this past week and we didn't set a date for me to go back after the first meeting and swap packs/get weighed so it will be good to see her again too.

I really hope the ketosis energy kicks in soon because aside from the cold fragile feeling, mostly I've been sleepy! I managed to potter about today doing a few useful things and this evening I've watched TV on the sofa. I am really liking the toffee bars, they taste just like a Toffee Crisp. I approve, Lighterlife, I approve!

I have really had to watch the negative thoughts today. I've realised that I spend an awful lot of time thinking through negative situations that probably would never happen, such as difficult conversations or arguments, and rehearsing them in my head. I'm not sure what that is about- maybe a way for me to release pent up anger or a symptom of low self-esteem? I don't know but it doesn't feel particularly healthy. If the lack of energy doesn't give way soon I might just go the gym anyway and see if I feel better afterwards because I really could do with the exercise and maybe the endorphins will help with the positive thinking.

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