Friday, 12 September 2014

Day 2- Overachieving

Today has been excellent and I'm somewhat smug at how saintly I've been. Today started with a visit to a friend and a slog up a hill back to my house afterwards even though she'd offered me a life. Admittedly it's a ten minute walk but every little helps right? I then felt full of beans and spent quite a while dancing around the living room with the cat glaring at me disdainfully. I've had plenty of water and all of my four foodpacks; a pretty good chocolate milkshake, spag bol, pasta carbonara which was good after I'd put in heaps of pepper, and a curry which I wasn't too impressed with.

I've also devoted quite a lot of time to reading through the books that were given to me yesterday and have completed the exercises for module one. It was pretty much what we had done in the session but it was good to concentrate on how it applied to me. I'm feeling very positive at the moment and not finding the programme particularly hard but I know that isn't going to last and I'm hopeful that the work I'm doing now is going to help me when things get harder.

One of the things I've committed to is making sure I spend some time each day doing something that makes me happy. It doesn't have to make me ecstatically happy, it could be something as simple as listening to music and singing along or going to a yoga class. The idea behind it being that I start to wean myself away from using food as a source of temporary happiness and use my time during abstinence to do things that really do make me happy.

OK so it's confession time: I weighed myself. You really aren't supposed to as you get weighed at the session but I can't wait a whole week! I'm a once a day kind of girl. Today I weighed myself twice! I've definitely lost weight. I'm going to keep quiet about how much as I want to use my session weigh-ins as the official version but let's just say the diet is working and I'm a happy bunny.

Fingers crossed for another good day tomorrow and the continuation of the energy boost. Only 98 more days to go!

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