Thursday, 18 September 2014

Day 8- First weigh-in!

My first weigh in results are.... drum roll please.... 9 pounds lost! That will do nicely thank you very much. It's what I was expected as I've been monitoring at home but it's nice to have it all official and written in my little measurements book. I'm really pleased with that. The plan hasn't been as hard as I was expecting, the foodpacks are nicer than I had dared hope and well, the results speak for themselves. I know next week's loss will be a lot less (I'm hoping for 4 pounds) but it's nice to feel confident that there will definitely be a loss.

The group was good tonight. There were a few more people and it was good to meet them. The three others that were there tonight have all reached the stage where they are at roughly the weight they want to be and managing it. It's good in one perspective as it means that they are showing me that it really does work and there is support once you start the scary road back to real food again, and bad in another way as nobody else is doing what I'm doing. It was nice to hear some of their advice and experiences which I was grateful for. Apparently there is a new person starting next week who will be on foundation so I'm looking forward to meeting them.

I picked up my packs for the coming week and I'm not sure whether I've been too restrictive in what I got. I have 7 porridge ones as I'm currently enjoying them for breakfast, 7 spag bol ones as they are the nicest meal type, 7 toffee bars because they taste like Toffee Crisps, and then I got 4 shepherd's pie, 2 mushroom soup and 1 chocolate. I've been told that your tastes can change and there's the possibility I might not be able to stomach this week's favourites by next week. I suppose that is one good thing about the LighterLife foodpacks being available at Superdrug- if I don't want to eat the ones I have got, I can get some different ones.

We spoke about how we spend our time in the counselling session today which was really interesting and I know I'm going to find useful this week. I'm not going to write about it now though as I'm really tired and the plan for the rest of the evening is to watch an hour of TV with the Mister and bed by 10pm.

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