Monday, 29 September 2014

Day 19- Keep on plodding

Today has just kind of happened without me thinking about it. I'm on an overnight stay at work and have only managed to eat 2 packs today but to be honest I'm not hungry. This probably has something to do with the gallons of water I've drunk all day.

People at work have been asking questions about what I'm eating but I've not told them the truth as I can't be bothered with all the questions.

I did have a couple of hard moments today when making burritos at work for other people to eat. I've managed to avoid a lot of cooking so far but it is part of my job. The hard part was grating the cheese. It smelled wonderful and was a lot harder to resist than anything else so far. I have to say that I wasn't tempted to eat any, it was more just an acknowledgement that it was there and looked tasty. I know a little
bit of cheese won't knock me out of ketosis but I really feel committed to remaining abstinent for as long as I need to be. I know one thing for sure, I need the firm boundaries. I know that of I have one little thing, it's going to become a regular problem.

I've had a similar situation with certain foods before. I've refused point blank with myself to buy Cadbury's chocolate trifles because I can't manage them sensibly. If there are any, I eat them until they are gone. I really can't control myself. So I never bought them as a way of controlling myself. This feels very similar and so far is working!

Someone asked me about what foodpacks I eat so I thought I'd add that in here.  I eat a porridge for breakfast with a bit of cinammon on it to make it yummy. I sometimes have a toffee bar for lunch if I'm out and about or in the evening when I'm wanting something sweet but I'm trying to limit the amount of bars I eat because I think it affects weight loss. The rest of the time I live off spaghetti bolognese, pasta carbonara and shepherd's pie. I really like the meal packs and it makes me feel like I'm having regular food.. it also fits in well with work. I think my tastes may change over time and I've not htried things like a hot chocolate yet or a mint tea mixed with chocolate. Something to look forward to if boredom sets in!

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