Friday, 14 November 2014

Day 65- The New Routine Begins

I felt a bit cheated this morning. I did not wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed after 8 hours sleep. I actually struggled to get to sleep so although I've been in bed for 8 hours, I've had maybe 7 hours sleep. Oh well.

I still got up at 8am to make the boy breakfast and his packed lunch. Then I looked outside. To say it's a bit wet is an understatement. But it's winter after all and it's only going to get worse, and with that cheery thought in mind, I got ready for my run. It had occurred to me last night that I didn't have anything suitable to wear. My jogging bottoms have all been chucked because they are too big for me. At the gym I wear those cheap black stretchy leggings you can get from Primark for £3 because they are quite comfy, I've got loads of them, and they are good for anything I do in the gym. They aren't very warm though so I put two pairs on as well as a vest top, a long sleeved top and a hoody. I added a scarf for good measure as well.

I went for my run!!! At 8.30am while it was still not properly light and raining a lot!

I'm not going to say it was pleasant, because it wasn't. Jogging in the park is very different from using a treadmill. Firstly, there are hills. Well, not so much hills as gentle inclines, but still. Secondly there is no water available for when your lungs start to burn due to lack of fitness unless you want to carry a bottle with you, which I don't. Thirdly it's cold and wet and you have to be careful not to fall on your ass from the slippery foot paths. But I did it, and that is the important thing. Although the time it took me and the pace was a bit pathetic, it's a starting point and that's what I love about running. You can improve quite quickly and the progress is very motivating.

I've got work until 11pm tonight so bedtime will be at 12 so I can get up at 8am again tomorrow for another run. That's going to be hard because I usually like to wind down for a couple of hours before bed. I might try having a quick bath to wind down if there's time. I also need to do laundry as another barrier to all of these ambitious goals is not having the right clothes clean when I need them.

Also, I am now obese and not morbidly obese. My BMI is now 38 which is good I guess. I'm not a big fan of the BMI chart as it puts my healthy weight ridiculously low for someone who is five foot two and naturally curvy. But it's good to see the numbers go down.

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