Thursday, 20 November 2014

Day 71- Tenth Weigh-In

Another ketosis high hit hard and fast today and oh my was it fun. I completely realise that it's probably down to only having one food pack yesterday and I really should be kinder to my poor body at the moment but it couldn't be helped.

So I got up this morning refreshed after all the extra sleep and put another of my new pair of jeans on. I have to admit, Primark do decent jeans. They are only thin but they look nice enough and they are a hell of a lot cheaper than the jeans from Evans which is where I normally get my jeans. On the spur of the moment I decided to try the Ed Sheeran t-shirt I bought last month at the concert which I stressed about for days because I'd decided to buy a "small" as an incentive and then didn't think it would ever fit.

Oh My God. It fits.

I cannot begin to explain the joy. If you've never lost a lot of weight you won't possibly understand. I'm currently weighing in on my scales at 14 stone 9 pounds which is new territory for me and so exciting. I'm also loving my shape as it emerges and it's retaining a lovely hourglass figure for which I am very grateful... and so is the mister ;-)

Obviously the t-shirt is tight fitting and will look even better in a couple of weeks but it fits and is wearable. It's so exciting! The ketosis high and utter joy then prompted me to make the mister his sausage sandwich for breakfast while I had my porridge food pack and then I made him a packed lunch with yesterday's roast chicken. Then I put the chicken carcass and fresh sage and rosemary into a pot of water to boil for a few hours which makes an amazing chicken broth.

After that I danced around the house feeling awesome and curvy and amazing. It's the time of the month in my cycle where I generally do feel good about myself and attractive anyway, so it's hitting hard and I'm actually becoming quite vain!

I wore the T-shirt to show the group as they'd all heard the moan about how stressed I got when I bought it. Then the weigh in...

Oh yeah! 3 stone lost!

I've lost another five pounds making my total 3 stone in 10 weeks. I can live with that. Seriously, what other diet can make that claim and still leave you feeling pretty good at the end of the day (and not smelling like cabbage)?

To celebrate, the boy purchased my third Pandora dangly topaz charm. There's now three of them sitting on my bracelet looking very pretty indeed. We also went shopping for a dress as my friend's birthday party is this Saturday and it will be a group of our close friends, most of whom haven't seen me for a couple of months due to work and will hopefully be suitably shocked at my weight loss. I did get a dress when I went to Primark on Monday but having got it home I'm not sure.

I found a dress but the whole thing was somewhat surreal. A dress in the Topshop window caught my eye as it was gold and black, with decent cleavage exposure and a short hemline. Now, I know the old advice about either showing your legs or your cleavage but not both or you risk just looking slutty, however, this does not apply to me. I have a great rack and due to being five foot two, dresses only really look good on me when they fall above my knee. I do wear tights or leggings to preserve my modesty though.

Anyway, having not been in Topshop for a number of years, I was a bit hesitant about clothing sizes and had visions of open changing rooms where nymph-like teenagers prance about half naked complaining about how fat they are making you either want to smack them one or feed them a cheeseburger. I was a bit gutted that the largest size they seem to do is a size 16 but I grabbed it and headed into a (private) changing room. It fit. Well, no, I got it on, it didn't actually fit. It was miles too big. I stood there in shock for a bit as I know my size is roughly 18 at the moment. With a certain smugness I asked for a 14 but they didn't have one. Bollocks to this, thought I, as the dress looked pretty great aside from the baggy chest area. So I got a size 12 thinking that if I could actually get the damn thing on it might be worth buying for Christmas. One of the lovely things about Lighterlife is that I know I'll have lost another stone by Christmas.

I kid you not, I ended up stood in the damn cubicle in a size 8. I swear. All 14 stone 12 of me. Now, clearly I am not a size 8 and frankly I can't imagine being one. The dress obviously has tardis like properties. The cut of it is interesting and sits differently than on the picture. I had to buy a low cut see through bra to wear underneath it and tights. I bought the size 10 in the end as it seemed to sit better on me. I actually own a size 10 dress. So weird.

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