Thursday, 6 November 2014

Day 57- 8th Weigh In

It's a good day. The scales are showing another drop so I was very excited for my weigh in.

I woke up very sleepy and not much in the mood for my personal trainer but by the time I hit the gym, a ketosis high was in full blast and I put it to good use. As part of resistance training to improve my muscle tone and hopefully avoid baggy saggy skin after weight loss, we've been doing boxing training. I adore it but it takes it out of you! Not today though, I smirked to myself when the trainer had to take a step back when I hit his hand pads harder and faster than he was expecting! He ended up giving me lots of sets to do to wear me out! You have to love the elusive ketosis high. Even on my rest periods I was bouncing. The hour was over far too quickly and I could of carried on to be honest.

I'd had to have a Lighterlife bar for breakfast as we were running late and I needed to drive the boy to work. So I decided to ask the café in the gym for some hot water and a bowl to make my soup food pack. I've managed to get to day 57 without having a food pack in public aside from at work. I pay an awful lot for a Virgin gym though so I thought, what the hell. The assistants behind the counter were very confused. I've found though that being polite but expecting people to do what they are told to, really works a lot of the time. There's a lot to be said for fronting things out.

I had my soup which I gobbled down due to hunger. Next time I'll savour it a bit more as it's a rare thing that I get to experience eating in a café or restaurant these days.

My 8th weigh in showed another 3 pound loss which will do me nicely. I'll stop complaining about the previous half pound loss now! I didn't buy any bars. I've got one or two left for emergencies but I'm going to try and live off the soups, which I'm really into now it's gotten cold and wintery, and the spaghetti Bolognese which has always been a favourite.

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