Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Day 56- About Time

The scales are moving again!!!

A pound has decided to leave the room!!!

About bloody time and all.

I've sent my next week's food pack order to my counsellor and next week won't be having bars aside from when I really need them. I'm sure it has something to do with the lack of weight loss.

I've been having a think. Last year I lost 2 stone with Atkins and previous diets have also failed around this time. Clearly I have a natural inbuilt barrier to weight loss where my body goes "Oh no you don't, we've worked really hard to save all of this fat for when the world ends and all of the supermarkets close" and refuses to allow any more loss. Obviously, this won't last forever, and the scales are moving again but there's an interesting part of the weight loss journey about to come up.

I don't remember being lower than 15 stone 4 pounds ever. I've been hovering around 17 stone for a good few years. I remember joining WeightWatchers in 2008 and weighing around 16 stone ish. I don't remember my weight before then. To be fair, I was 24 in 2008 and hadn't been an adult for very long.

So, although the current weight at Lighterlife is 15 stone 11 pounds, my scales at home are now saying 15 stone 6 pounds. There's a 2 pound difference between the scales because I weigh myself in the morning whilst wearing pyjamas and Lighterlife weighs me in the evening fully dressed. So I should be 15 stone 8 pounds on the Lighterlife scales. The point is, my scales are getting dangerously close to being below 15 stone 4 pounds. There's a huge psychological shift to be made once that happens. I'm not going to be giving up or allowing myself to sabotage what I want to achieve. So soon enough, probably in the next 2 weeks, the scales will be in the top range of 14 stone. It's quite a scary thought to be honest.

Because I was in such a positive mood due to the scales moving again, I decided to cook. The boy has a bit of a thing for KFC and in my bid to prevent him from getting fat, and to prepare us both for when I can eat food again, I decided to make homemade KFC. I've been meaning to try doing this for a while as he loves it so, and although fried food isn't at all healthy, it's got to be better than KFC.

It all turned out perfectly and I was very impressed with myself. I fried fillets of chicken covered in spices, herbs, flour and egg. I also made popcorn chicken the same way, and I even had a go at making fried chips. It was pretty close to perfect, a little less spicy for the boy next time, but the best thing about it was that he reckoned it was much better than KFC and he's rather have the homemade version any day. Success! I can now do McDonalds and KFC replicas.

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