Thursday, 13 November 2014

Day 64- 9th Weigh In

OK so I rearranged the personal training session for Monday. I admit this is a bit crap but I really wasn't in the mood today, and it's time of the month. Instead, me and the boy slept in (we both work shifts) but I got up in a funny mood. Maybe because I felt bad about rearranging the gym, I'm not sure. It was probably because I was really cold. We're still getting used to the new house which is old and big, and you have to remember to close doors and manage the heating system. Being on lighterlife makes me feel cold in general anyway, and my temperature always goes up and down around my period.

I was also a bit narked about the scales this morning. For the last couple of days they have been showing 15 stone 1 and a little bit. The little bit is going down, which is good, but I'm so close to seeing the 14 stone mark it's killing me.

The Lighterlife group was good today. My official weigh in is 15 stone 3 pounds giving me a loss of 5 pounds this week which I was more than happy with. There was someone new at the meeting today who is considering starting and it was lovely to have the counsellor use me as an example of someone who is doing the diet successfully. Most of the others in the group, which is small, are either maintaining weight loss or only have a stone or two to lose. The new person is similar to me in that we have quite a lot to lose and I hope it was encouraging for her to see that I've lost nearly 3 stone. I'm nearly a third of the way there!

We started a new counselling module today as well. It's called Time. In the session we looked at how we prioritise our time. This is something I've been working on anyway. I've been getting up with the boy early to make him his breakfast and packed lunch because I really enjoy that and it's time better spent that laying in bed. For me, a magic wand that made me slim would be useless as I'd just eat my way back up to this size. I need to do the counselling and learn how to live differently so I have a chance of keeping it off. The people who turn up to the group to buy their food packs and get weighed, but then leave, make me laugh to be honest. Why pay so much for it if you're not going to do it properly? You may as well buy the food packs from Superdrug and save yourself a bit of money.

At the beginning of each new booklet we set a goal for the module. Mine is pretty ambitious I must admit. It's time to start making some real changes though and stop messing about. My brain seems to think I'm actually a very active healthy kind of person (stupid brain) and always guides me towards home cooked healthy food and different kinds of exercise that it insists I can do. For a fat girl I can actually do a lot of different exercise. I have a Virgin gym membership which has an awesome gym, free exercise classes including yoga and pilates, a rock climbing wall (I think Virgin only have 2 in the entire country), a swimming pool and a spa pool. Add in the personal trainer to do boxing and resistance training. There's also jogging which I enjoy either in the gym or in the park. One of my goals is to get to the 13 stone mark where I'll be light enough to start thinking about taking up horse riding again and skiing at the Chill Factor in Manchester. Both of these activities I have enjoyed in the past but my weight prevented me from being able to do (and my pride took quite a beating from it). I'd also really like to be able to do 5km runs.

I told you my brain was stupid. (Actually I think it's quite clever). There's so much I want to be able to do and I constantly tell myself I'm too lazy to do it. This was challenged in last week's session when the group prompted me to examine this. I'm not lazy, I'm tired. I'm an 8 hours of sleep a night kind of person and always have been but frequently stay up late, and either lay in bed all morning catching up on missed sleep or have 6 or less and end up tired and grumpy. This clearly has to stop.

So my goal for this module is to go to the gym 3 times a week and run 3 times a week. No messing about, no phasing in or building up, just get it done. I already go to the gym once a week for my training session and I know if I'm organised I can fit another 2 times in. The running is about getting my ass into gear in the mornings. We've moved opposite our local park which is perfect for me to run in as it's a small circular route of about 1 mile. Currently I walk and jog it slowly but 3 times a week is enough to make it a regular habit and I know my fitness will improve over time.

With all of these grand plans in mind, I got out my diary. My shifts are all over the place because of the work I do, including times when I sleep at work and can only get 6 hours sleep at best. Working time regulations don't seem to matter to Sheffield City Council! One of the things that might prevent me from achieving my goal for this module is my dreadful sleep pattern so I've sat down and worked out which nights I need to go to bed at 10pm or can stay up until 12, and which mornings I need to be up at 6am or 8am. If I stick to the bedtimes then I'm much more likely to be able to achieve my activity goals.

Next I planned when I can do the different activities around my work schedule. I'm going to run tomorrow and Saturday to finish off this week, then next week my runs will be Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. I'll have personal training sessions on Monday and Thursday next week so that's 2 trips to the gym already sorted. I've booked a Yoga class on the Thursday too. My third gym session will be on Wednesday and I'm going to take my rock shoes and have a bit of a climb then go swimming. This all might sound like an awful lot of exercise but bear in mind that my runs are very gentle jog/walks and when I say rock climbing, we're talking about 15 minutes of exercise at my current fitness rate. It's good to do different types of exercise as it rounds out your toning and fitness so I'm very pleased with the plan I've made.

So there we go. And, as it is now 12, it is bedtime because I have to be up at 8am!

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