Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Day 62- And Again!

To make up for not going to the gym yesterday, I packed my gym bag to take to work so that I could toddle off after our staff meeting. Well, of course life had other plans for me today!

I got up super early again to make the boy breakfast, his packed lunch and to make some frosting for the cupcakes I randomly decided to make last night. As I gave him a lift to work he munched his sausage sandwich and tried a cupcake which met with satisfaction. I must say he is a real pleasure to feed! He gets this glow of satisfaction! I've warned him I could possibly turn into a feeder but I don't think he minds as long as he's got cake to eat!

Work ended up being a bit of a nightmare today. I walked into utter chaos and ended up spending half my day at the Children's Hospital. I managed to eat a porridge food pack for breakfast around 9am then didn't get back to work until 2.30pm when I finally got my second food pack. By the time work had finished I was shattered and really couldn't be bothered with the gym.

I made the boy homemade KFC again for tea which was much appreciated. Maybe because he said it was utterly perfect or maybe it was because I'd had a hard day, but I really struggled not to have some. I mean, REALLY struggled. Even the boy took pity on me but, obviously sensing how close he was to losing his chicken, then reminded me how well I'd been doing and how proud of me he was. I sulked for a little bit, because I'm such a grown up, and then got on with it.

So, another day of abstinence.

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